What would you do? (£2 million)

What would you do?

money woman

If all of a sudden,

The money you’re working for,

Came to you in one big lump right now.

Over their working lifetime the average person will see about £2million come into their bank account,

You might be on track for more (or less)

But  just imagine for a second that all the money you’ll earn over your lifetime,

Came to you RIGHT NOW!

What would you do?


But a house?

Pay off your families debts?

Quit your job/career/business?

What would you do?

Now before you go away and plan out what you’d do just in case that did happen,

I’d like to draw your attention to the last question up there ^^^

Would you quit your job/career/business?

See I’m not sure about you,

But I wouldn’t,

Why wouldn’t I quit what I do?

Because I believe that what I do ..

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Is what I’ve been put here to do.

So no,  I wouldn’t quit my job,

I would hire a cleaner though.

So now I have another question for you.

Are YOU doing what you’ve been put here to do?

Or are you merely passing the time like 95% of the western world because that’s what society has taught you to do?

Have a think about it.

And be honest with your answer.

Seriously do this because there’ll be nothing worse than one day lying on your death bed with your grandkids by the side of it asking you if you lived your life the way you wanted to and if you had any regrets and you having to answer honestly (either in your head or out loud) that you didn’t live your life the way you wanted to and that you DID have regrets.

And if you ARE doing what you believe you’ve been put here to do,

Are you doing it full out?


Or are you holding back?

Because surely, as we only get one go at this life,

One which we’ll soon be free from (the physical world anyway),

Shouldn’t we be living it on our terms,

Doing what we want to do?

Being who we want to be?


Sans fear.

Sans regrets?

If not now,  then WHEN?


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