The complete guide to getting into great shape

Would You like to get into shape?

gym girl woman training


‘tone up’ or

‘lose weight’ or

‘feel sexier’

or if you’re a guy..

‘get ripped’.

Then you’re in the right place!

What I’m about to share with you I have literally charged thousands for in the past,

AND most of the Personal Trainers and Coaches out there won’t be giving their paying clients anywhere near what I’m about to share with you FOR FREE!

So grab a pen and paper (or open up your note taking app and get ready to copy and paste) because the knowledge bombs are about to be dropped!!

But before we get started I want to get one thing straight…

If you came to me and said ‘Matt I want to lose a stone’

And I chopped off your arm,

You’d be pretty upset,

Even though I would have helped you achieve your goal within 15 seconds!

What am I getting at?

You don’t want to lose weight….

You want to lose FAT.

**Side note** I’m not trying to patronise you I’m just making sure we’re both on the same page with the fat loss thing as chopping off limbs isn’t actually something I’m neither qualified or experienced in.

Maybe you’ve got a holiday coming up and you want to feel more confident walking around the pool or on the beach,

Or maybe you’ve got an event like a wedding or a birthday party and you want to feel not only comfortable in your outfit but you really want to turn heads and get complements for the hard work and effort you’ve been putting in to the gym lately.

Or maybe you want to be able to get dressed (or undressed) in front of your significant other without having to turn the lights off. Hey maybe you might want to even DO IT without having to turn the lights off!

Whatever your reason for wanting to strip away that unwanted and unflattering fat you can rest assured that I’ve got your back with this article.

So let’s get you toned, tight, sexy or ripped!

**Side note 2** Vanity is a good thing so don’t hide it or get offended by it, it means you care about yourself 🙂

First we’ll get into a little bit of HOW you lose fat and then I’ll reveal WHAT you need to do with your workouts and your diet to make it happen as fast and safe as possible, OK?


HOW to lose fat…

1. Get your body to use fat as energy.

2. Stop your body storing food/calories as fat.

3. Boost your metabolism AKA resting metabolic rate.

That’s the HOW.

Now for the WHAT!

To get your body using fat as energy you need to exercise/workout at a low to medium intensity, so something like powerwalking or a gentle jog or bike ride for at least 40 minutes (the first 20 minutes you’ll use a bit of stored carbohydrate as energy and a bit of fat, after 20 minutes the ratio of carbs:fat being used as energy is about 2:8)

To stop your body storing food/calories as fat you need to:

1. Eat less calories than you actually burn

2. Eat the right TYPE of calories (yes you’ll lose WEIGHT (water, muscle and a little bit of fat) by eating less calories than you burn but you’ll lose FAT (fat) by eating the right TYPE of calories).
 (click here to watch the video I did recently on WHY LOW CALORIE DIETS DON’T WORK)

And finally (before we get onto the actual program itself) to boost your metabolism AKA resting metabolic rate aka melt fat while sitting on it you need to perform HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training for the uninitiated) and Resistance training (lift weight).


If not don’t worry, it will all make sense when I go through the actual fat loss program below..

Now let’s talk diet! Or as I like to call it, your nutrition (I’m not a fan of the word diet, has all the wrong connotations attached to it for my liking)

First of all you need to get over to and create a free account (it takes about 3 minutes and is super super simple to set up, even I did it and I’m a technophobe!)

From there you need to make a list of all the foods you like and will eat and put them into MFP so that when you log your meals you don’t have to keep creating new ones each time.

Then all you need to do is make sure you follow the very simple guidelines that MFP tell you to follow when it comes to total CALORIES.

But WAIT remember we said it’s about they TYPE of calories you eat and not just the amount?

This is where you need to put a bit of effort in and learn (if you don’t know how to already) to read food labels.

OK so it’s not that hard but some people out there are SUPER lazy and even that will be a task in itself.

What are you looking for with the food labels?

The amount of ingredients the food has..

The less ingredients, the better quality the food,

Therefore if you want very quick fat loss results you need to eat better quality foods.

I’m sorry but a 150 calorie frozen ready made shepherds pie isn’t good quality (did you know there’s 72 different ingredients in Weight watchers very own ready made shepherds pie? 72!! CLICK HERE FOR THE PROOF! 

Yeah I’m not sure what the 72 ingredients are either all I know is a shepherds pie with 72 different ingredients in it isn’t going to help you lose fat!

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yeah, quality food,

The next time you’re walking around the supermarket just pick up the pack of whatever it is you want to buy, turn it round and read the ingredients list,

No ingredients? Then that’s the perfect food eg,

Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, water, beans, pulses, oats, butter, natural yoghurt, cottage cheese, quinoa, the list goes on and on.

So now you know what you need to do with nutrition lets take a look at your exercise, again I like to use the word TRAINING here – I’m a bit of a geek really.

Before I just jump straight into what exercises or training you should do and when I would like you to pause for a minute, take out your diary and write in where you are willing to commit to 6 days of exercise each week (you only need about a 45 minute slot on each day)

**Side note 3** If you’re already making excuses as to why you ‘haven’t got time to exercise 6 days a week’ then stop reading, go back to scrolling through Facebook or watching TV and accept you’ll always have the levels of fat you have now and maybe more in the near future.

Still here? then keep on reading because we’re about to get to your weekly training routine..

Ok so you’ve hopefully planned in 6 times where you are willing to workout,

You have done that, haven’t you?



Ok so now on day 1 write down the following: HIIT and resistance

On day 2: LISS

On day 3: Resistance

On day 4: LISS

On day 5: HIIT and Resistance

On day 6: LISS

LISS by the way stands for Low Intensity Steady State (the powerwalk or jogging we spoke about earlier – that’s just my geeky terminology creeping in again)

Done that?

I hope so because the secret to success in anything is having a plan that works written down for you to follow.

Fail to plan, and you better plan on failing.

Ok so now you have your nutrition dialled in, you have your training days in your diary and now all that’s left is to write down SPECIFICALLY what exercises you’re going to do on each of the training days listed above.

For LISS you can pick one of the following and write it in your diary:

Cycling, cross trainer, elliptical machine, treadmill, out door power walk (my favourite), stepper machine, swimming.

For the HIIT you can choose from: Hill sprints (my favourite for this), spinning, rowing machine.

And for the resistance you need to pick 3 upper body exercises and 3 lower body exercises from the lists below to perform on both of the resistance days.

Lower body exercises:
Barbell back squat
Barbell Front squat
Reverse lunges
Forwards Lunges
Walking lunges
Romanian Deadlifts
Sumo deadlifts
Glute bridges
Goblet squat
Kettle bell swing

Upper body exercises:
Barbell Bench press (flat, incline, decline)
Dumbbell bench press (flat, incline, decline)
Inverted row
Lat pull down
TRX row
Pull ups
Chin ups
Bent over barbell row
Good mornings
Single arm bent over dumbbell row
Seated low pulley v-bar row
Overhead barbell press (Standing)
Overhead dumbbell press (standing)
Seated Arnold press
Lateral raises

And there you have it. Pick 3 from the top and 3 from the bottom for resistance day 1 and then pick 3 from the top and 3 from the bottom for resistance day 2 and again for resistance day 3.

For the best results and so your muscles have time to recover try not to pick the same exercise for each session.

So to sum up for how to strip a lot of fat safely and effectively via the perfect program:

1. Eat the right type of calories so that you are using your stored fat as energy.

2. Perform a combination of HIIT, resistance and LISS training each week.

3. Eliminate all excuses as to why you can’t do it – I’m a dad of 2, multiple business owner and I still follow this exact plan when I’m stripping fat; which is usually for about 12 weeks at a time.

Remember if you have any questions just leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this around the world of social media if you think others will benefit, after all, sharing’s caring.

If not now, then WHEN?


2 thoughts on “The complete guide to getting into great shape”

  1. Great post Matt. I like how you keep things simple. Weight loss and gaining strength don’t have to be super-complicated.
    There’s one thing I’m not doing and that’s HIIT, so I’ll have to add that to my weekly routine.
    Thanks and have a fantastic day!

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