Something needs to change

A story and a message to you, the out of shape, the tired, stressed, almost burned out business owner.


It’s 6am,

You’r alarm rings,


Feels like groundhog day,

Same shit,

Different day,

You’re not going anywhere this morning (nor in life),

Uninspired by this realisation,

You hit snooze,

Again, and again, and again,

Until you finally drag your tired and slightly (mostly) soft around the edges carcass out of your warm and cozy bed.

You make some kind of grunting noise as you get up, either to yourself or your partner – you’re not quite sure which but you do it anyway.

Into the bathroom you wonder, sighing at the person staring back at you in the mirror.

You grunt at them too!

Once you’re ready <<Overstatement<<  for the day,

You rush down the stairs hoping there’s something you can grab and shovel into your gob as you race out the door wondering WHY you allow yourself to keep hitting that bloody snooze button.

Late again!

But what does that matter?

It’s not like you care about what you do or who you do it for anymore.

And instead of the energetic and passionate version of you that used to turn up to work,


Someone who’s bored, tired, stressed, and fed up shows up to do your job.

And for some reason, you just seem to have more bad days than good.

You never have time to eat right, or exercise like you used to.

You don’t go on date nights or spend time just chatting with your partner like you used to,

You don’t have the time or the energy for the kids like you used to,

Your friends hardly call anymore like they used to,

And to top it all off,

Every item in your wardrobe seems to be getting smaller and smaller (that’s my polite way of saying you’re out of shape, big time!).

And we haven’t even started with what you get up to on the weekends yet,




Takeaways WITH puddings?

Late nights?

Even later mornings?

And before you know it Mondays back around again slapping you in the face TRYING DESPERATELY to give you the message that SOMETHING needs to change!

How do I know that this is how you and so many other business owners are feeling right now?

Because I’ve been there,

And right now you’re either right in the eye of the burnout storm or you’re VERY close to it!

It’s not a nice place to be I agree,

However on the flip side,

It’s a great place to be.


Because now you get to choose,

You get to choose whether you stay and continue on the path you’re on HOPING something will change for you (unlikely based on your past experience)


You can choose to do something about your body, your business, your relationships and your life and start to change things for the better.

Maybe you’ve already made that decision.

If you have then you probably already know,

It won’t be easy moving away from your pain,

but it will be a whole lot easier than staying where you are!

Just imagine for a sec if you DO decide to stay where you are,

Imagine doing what you’re doing for another year, or for 5 more years or even for 40  more years (yes some people go through their entire life feeling this way and still don’t do anything about it).


Now I’ve highlighted your pain, (and rubbed a bit of salt in the wounds while I was there),

Would you like to know how I personally went from tired and out of shape and burned out to energetic, in shape and full of love for what I do again in just 6 short months?

If so, here’s my 3 simple (not easy) steps…

1) I stopped looking outside and instead turned my attention to the inside. I checked in with my feelings and thought about what messages I was getting from them about the parts of my life that I needed to change, and fast. (yes your feelings are this powerful and no you don’t need to listen to anyone else telling you what you need to do, you already know).

2) I reached out and got help in the areas where I needed it. My body, mind and my relationships I’m a master at and managed to change these areas myself but the business however needed outside support from mentors and coaches so I went to them investing over £10k in the process.

3) I made a plan and did the work that would get me out of poor health, boredom and burnout and into shape and loving what I was doing again.

And that’s it.

No fluff,

No BS,

No smoke and mirrors or magic pills powders and potions,

Just 3 simple (not easy) steps.




And if any of what I’ve just written has resonated with you in some way,

Maybe you’re experiencing what I went through or you know someone who is currently going through what I went through,

Then I mean it when I say,


I understand.

And I know how much you want it to change because NO it can’t go on much longer.

But the best bit,

You do have the choice AND the power to make your life/business/health and relationships into something truly amazing.

I know because I’ve been where you are and yes I’m arrogant enough to say I am now where you want to be.

So take this not as a rant, or as a boast on my behalf,

But as inspiration.

Because things can (and will if you do the work) get better.

To the future you and your impending health, wealth and happiness.


PS. If not now, then WHEN?

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