Screw The LOA, Unicorns and Vision boards!!!

3 times.


Once at school,

Once in a car park playing american football,

And once in Tenerife.

Those are the 3 places I have broken my left wrist.

And yes it was very painful on all 3 occasions (I have an extremely low pain threshold too which didn’t help!).

And each time I went to A & E,

As soon as I got there,

I got an initial assessment of the damage,

The doctors then decided what they needed to do to get me out of my pain.

And then the surgeons got to work AS SOON AS they were able.

There was no one-on-one discussion in a room with me about my past and how the events buried there might have triggered the breaks,

There was no time spent creating vision boards with pictures of me on them playing golf again with a perfectly healed wrist,

And there definitely wasn’t any talk about the Law Of Attraction, unicorns, meditation or even alignment and creation.

The surgeons simply evaluated the pain,

Got clear on the outcome,

And went to work within 2 hours!

(Apart from when I was in Tenerife, I couldn’t get it fixed out there without having to pay for the op first (mess up with insurance) so I had to fly back to the UK with just a bandage on my arm,  the hospital wouldn’t even put a cast on it, a whole week after I broke it, yes that hurt quite a bit too).

You see if you want to get out of any pain that you are in right now,

Whether that pain be you’re overweight or you’re uncomfortable with your body or you lack body confidence,

Or the fact you have too much month left at the end of the money,

Or that you’re in a crappy relationship where you and your partner hardly talk let alone have sex!

Or that you just feel a bit shit and have lost your mojo,

Whatever your pain is,

You must first do this…

Decide WHAT the outcome is that you want and WHY you want that outcome and then,

You get to do the bit that most people forget to do,

And that is you GET TO DO THE WORK that will get you out of your pain.

OK yes, you can have your vision board and you can meditate and you can even look back into your past to see how you ended up in the pain you’re in right now but I promise you,

The ONLY way you’ll get out of your pain is by actually DOING THE WORK!

And the doing of the work will happen as fast or as slow as you want it to.

It all depends on how quickly you want to get out of your pain.

Said with (tough) love.

And as always,

If not now, then WHEN?


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