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”I might cry”… (happy ending)

”Hi ya … Just to say that I’m really struggling! Had a complete melt down yesterday over lack of sleep and very very tired… Close to tears all the time which is not like me! I will be there tonight cos this ain’t gonna beat me but just wanted to give you a heads up in case you are planning to be particularly evil … I might cry!!!!”

Now when I used to get messages like this before a session I’d reply with something like..

‘Don’t come in tonight, go and chill out and I’ll see you at the next session.’

And most people would think that as common practice and acceptable behavior.

But replying like that didn’t serve my clients at all, it only served me (my ego mainly).

So, as it’s my life’s mission to serve others, I had a good old chat with myself,

Overcame a few fears and worked through the stories that were going on in my head,

Fears like….

If I try and help them I won’t be able to help them and then I’ll be revealed as a fraud and everyone will point and laugh and I’ll end up quitting my job and losing my house and not being able to eat and eventually dying without anyone remembering my name. (If fear plays a part in your life you’ll know that exaggeration plays a HUGE role in our fear creation process)

Stories like…

They don’t want to be coached through this from me.

I can’t help them.

I’m not good enough to challenge their feelings and call them out on their own stories that are keeping them in stress and struggle.

You see when you confront your fears and stories you end up with clarity and ultimately the truth.

You end up with the truth about what’s keeping you stuck,

But also the truth about what will help you move forwards one simple, pain free and logical step at a time.

And the truth is,

I’m bloody good at what I do!!

And I’m not ashamed to say it either!!

^Secret life lesson right there^

So now I message my clients back with a time and a place to meet so we can work through their stresses and struggles together.

Here’s what that very client messaged me back after I messaged her to say that I really enjoyed the coaching session earlier….

Coaching session

The best bit…..

We were only talking for 90 minutes.

I say ‘WE’ were talking for 90 minutes,

It was mostly my client that actually did most of the talking,

I just asked a few questions and listened intently as she simply and easily revealed her truth.

And as you can see she’s now feeling excited and calm at the same time 🙂

Wanna know what questions I asked?

Well I can’t give you them all (my clients pay me money for that bit),

But I can give you some to get started…

What do you want more than anything in the world?

Why do you want that?

What’s it costing you not having that?

What’s one thing you can do right now that will move you closer to having that without stress or struggle or anxiety showing up?

Over to you,

Have a go at answering those questions,

And if you get stuck, then simply apply for an initial in depth life changing coaching session with me by filling in the boxes below.

If not now, then WHEN?


Bradley Cooper, Twins and Alex Ferguson.

I was watching American sniper last night,


You know, then one where Bradley Cooper packed on about 20kgs of timber!

Yeah that one,

Anyway there’s a GREAT line in one of the scenes where BC is doing his sniper training.

BC is going on with his shots,

Most of the time he hits the target that’s about 300 hundred feet away,

But the holes on the target board aren’t close together at all.

Some holes in the chest, some in the stomach some in the neck and even some bullet hoes were in the arm and leg region.

And that’s when his instructor comes out with what I think is one of the best lines in movie history,

Especially when it comes to an analogy for success.

The reason I like this line so much is because it rings so true to everyone in every day life.

From the HAVE’s all the way through to the have NOT’s.

And I’m not just talking money here,

I’m talking physical health and the shape of ones body,

I’m talking relationships and the quality of them,

And everything else in between.

You wanna know what this line is?

Well if I tel you, you must PROMISE me that you’ll heed the advice contained within the line and actually bloody implement it into your life.


Then here it is….

The instructor, who want’s BC (the sniper in training) to hit his target every time without fail says this….

‘Aim small miss small, aim big miss big.’

I’m gunna say that again because love it so much,





Awesome isn’t it?

Now if you’re sat there scratching your head as to why it’s such a powerful line let me give you an example…

Say someone comes to you and says they want to lose some weight (Aiming big aka generalising).

Then, their twin sister comes to you and says they want to lose 2lbs of fat each week for the next 12 weeks (aiming small aka getting specific).

Which one do you think is going to see the better results?

The second twin right.

Why? Because she’s gotten specific and really nailed down her goal and honed in on her target.

How often in life have you said something like the following only to have never achieved it..

I want to lose weight.

I want to get a bit fitter.

I want to get into shape.

I want to feel better.

I wish I had more money.

I wish I had a better relationship.

I wish my job was more fulfilling.

Some of those sound familiar?

You see most people go through their whole life never really stating EXACTLY what they want.

They never get CLEAR and DEFINE what the outcome is they desire most.

They just generalise. I’ve done it so I’m sure you have too.

And then they wonder why they don’t have what it is that they want.

Do you think Alex Ferguson ever went into the dressing room before a match and said this as his team talk:

‘Let’s win.’

And that’s it?

Of course he didn’t.

He would have gone into EXACTLY how he expected his team to win,

From who would mark who to what each play would look like when a certain player had the ball.

AF would have talked first half tactics, second half tactics, what each players roles and responsibilities were and again the list goes on,

AF aimed high yes, but he also aimed small by really defining and getting on clear on how he wanted the game to pan out minute by minute, leaving VERY little room for error.

Take a look at the really successful business,

Apple for example.

Think Steve Jobs just said:

‘Let’s create something that lets us do stuff we can’t yet do.’?

Of course he didn’t,

He had a clear vision of what he wanted to create and how it was going to be created and by who.

He said he wanted to create a device where everyone was connected by something that could fit into their pockets.

He then got more and more specific each time his designs and creations hit their check points.

So my question that I’d like you to go away and think about is this….

Where in your life are you aiming big (generalising) and how could you change that so you are aiming small (get specific)?

In your body?

Wanna lose weight? HOW MUCH EXACTLY AND BY WHEN?

In your business?

Want more money or more clients? HOW MUCH/MANY AND BY WHEN?

In your relationships?

Want a deeper connection and more fun and intimacy?

What does that look like and when are you going to make it happen?

Over to you.

If not now, then WHEN?


‘They say’

Whenever I question other human beings about why they’re doing what they’re doing,

I often get met with the response,

‘Oh because ‘They Say’ I should do it this way.

Well let me tell you something about ‘They say’….

They say: ‘Blog posts need to be long’

They say: ‘You need pictures in your blog posts’

They say: ‘You should reference your claims’

I say: ‘Break the rules and do it your own way.’

Frank Sinatra did it his way and he seemed to do OK.

Lions not sheep and all that.

And if you haven’t gotten immense value from this rule breaking post then I also say you need to hear what I’m saying and not just read what I’ve wrote.

If not now, then WHEN?


PS Tomorrow I’m going to reveal how a golden nugget from the film American Sniper can help you get EXACTLY what you want in life – from all the monies, to a healthy, energetic and confident body and from a wonderful loving relationship to eternal happiness. You don’t want to miss that  one 🙂

How you can EASILY have it ALL!!

Ah I’m so frikkin passionate about this I can hardly contain myself (If only I could write faster)

Did you know that whatever you have in your life right now,

The car you drive,

The house you live in,

The money in your bank account,

The job, career, business you have,

The relationships you’re in/not in,

The state of your health and shape of your body (apart from what’s been pre-determined by genetics),

Are all merely just a by product of,

1) The thoughts you’ve thought,


2) The actions you’ve taken.

And that’s it.

The government isn’t responsible, your parents aren’t responsible, your teachers aren’t responsible, your friends, colleagues, staff or boss aren’t even responsible and neither are your spouse or your children.

Everything you have is all because of you.

YOu are responsible and you created EVERYTHING you are experiencing right now,


All of it was created by you.

How cool is that.

Knowing that YOU created so much just by thinking and acting.

That’s pretty POWERFUL huh?

The good news?

If you want something else,

Something different,

Something more,

Than what you’re currently experiencing

A better body with more energy and less fat maybe?

A loving and exciting relationship perhaps?

More money in the bank?

A bigger house, nicer car and expensice new clothes?

What about a first class luxury holiday?

Or whatever it is that you want,

I’m here to tell you something that has the pottential to change your world in an instant.

Whatever you want you…

Are you ready?


And having whatever you want is as EASY as not having it.

You and everything you’ve ever experienced and created proves that.


So start creating right now,

Think about what it is you truly want,

And then simply take the actions that will bring those things into your reality (yes you have to take action, I’m all for the Law of Attraction but only if you take action on it will it work).

You DO have the power to do that.

You ARE your own SUPERHERO!

If not now, then WHEN?


One Thing For Guaranteed Success

Did you know that whatever DEFINITION you hold of YOURSELF will eventually become your REALITY,

305410323_effd579e8f_o (1)

Even if it’s not your reality now.

If you say: ‘I CAN’T do this thing right now because I’m too (old, young, fat, thin, tall, short, rich, poor etc etc)’

Then the ‘I can’t’ bit will remain true until you decide to DEFINE yourself differently,

Or as I like to call it,

Until you tell a better STORY about yourself,

So instead of saying you can’t because (insert fail story here)

You say: ‘I CAN because (insert new success story here)’.

Give it a go RIGHT NOW,

Think of ONE THING you’d love to HAVE, DO or BE this time next year..

Then, as we’re only playing and imagining at the moment,

Get out a pen and paper,

And create a fail story stating the excuses why you CAN’T have, do or be that thing.

Once you’e done that,


Create a SUCCESS story stating the reasons why you CAN have, do or be that thing.

Give it a go.

Have some fun with it,

And let me know how you get on.

Oh and if you want immediate proof of this RIGHT NOW then just do this,

Think of something you want to achieve in the next 24 hours,

Then come up with all the excuses as to why you CAN’T achieve it.

Once you’ve done that,

Come up with all the reason why you COULD achieve it.

And then see how you feel after reading each set of excuses or reasons back to yourself.

As Henry Ford once said:

‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!’

If not now, then WHEN?


Who would win this race?

Imagine you’d just brought this car (maybe you actually have)..


And imagine you’re just about to take it for a spin around the Nurbergring,

Then suddenly Lewis Hamilton pulls up next to you in EXACTLY the same car and says:

‘Wanna race?’

Now, assuming your name isn’t Sebastian Vettel,

Who do you think will win that race?


Hamilton right,


Because even though he’s got the exact same car as you,

The wheels are the same,

The engine is the same,

The brakes are the same,

Ultimately what it will come down to is the fact that…..

He’s the better driver.

No matter how hard you tried to beat him around that track,

Unless he crashed,

You’d NEVER beat him.

You see it’s not about the VEHICLE.

It’s about the DRIVER.

I use this analogy because it highlights the key problem I see in every day life,

Most people are too focused on the VEHICLE to success yet they forget about the person driving it,

It’s easier to blame the vehicle than to take responsibility right?

It’s easier to point the finger out instead of in.

Maybe this resonates with you right now?

Maybe you’ve been on all sorts of diets, detoxes and exercise programs in the past in the pursuit of achieving your dream body only to still look and feel exactly the same, if not worse, than when you started,

Or maybe you’re a business owner who’s hired mentor after mentor to show you the systems and strategies to build the perfect business yet for some reason they didn’t work for you even though they’ve worked perfectly well for someone else,

Or maybe you’ve not done either and you just hope the Law of Attraction is going to do it all for you while you sit on your arse staring at your vision board.

Either way, if you’re not where you want to be in your life right now,

And you don’t have the things you want to have,

Then maybe you should stop looking for the next shiny VEHICLE that promises to take you to where you want to go nice and quickly and instead start focusing on the DRIVER.

If it’s painful to hear,

That it’s not them and maybe it’s you,

Then good, because that means I’ve hit a nerve which  can only mean one thing,

It’s the TRUTH!

And as they say…

The TRUTH shall set you FREE!!

And at least now you might take the RIGHT action and start to focus on YOU instead of them!

Start focusing on what you’re focusing on.

Start paying attention to what you’re paying attention to.

Start thinking about what you’re thinking about.

Because after speaking to literally thousands of people,

There is one word that keeps popping up as the determining factor to success,

And that word is of course….



You can try and hide it, lie about it, avoid it, ignore it but you KNOW,

The ONLY reason you don’t have what you WANT right now is because of your MINDSET aka your BELIEFS aka your FEARS aka your STORIES.

So getting the WHAT (vehicle) in the form of systems, strategies, plans and programs etc BEFORE you’ve sorted your head out will most likely only end in frustration and ultimately failure.

I know because I’ve invested over £10k in the WHAT and the only time I’ve ever succeeded is when I had the MINDSET stuff to go with it.

So I implore you to go away from here and try this simple exercise,

ESPECIALLY if you do not have what you want right now AND you’ve tried EVERYTHING else outside of you.

Write down what it is you TRULY want in your life right now,

And then go and write down all of your beliefs around this subject.

That should shed some light on why it is that you don’t have what you want just yet.

Once you’ve done that you’ll have to start creating some new beliefs around that subject so that you can actually get what you want.

If you need help with that by the way just fill in the form below and if I think I can help you I’ll contact you and we’ll jump on a 15 minute call to go through it.

If not now, then WHEN?

Matt Smith

You’re da bomb!

You do realise that you’re the main character of most of the action movies that have ever been made don’t you?

No I’m not talking about the action hero himself,

Or the nasty villain with the scar on his face,

Or his cat,

Or his sharks with freakin lazer beams attached to their heads,

Or the sexy woman that needs rescuing,

I am of course talking about the bomb.

You know,  the one that in most of the action movies gets disarmed by the hero with 1 second to spare before everything and everyone is blown to smithereens!

The bad news for you as the real life bomb?

No one is coming to disarm you,

You will one day go off (see: die).

But this isn’t bad news at all,

In fact it’s quite the opposite.

It’s actually quite good news.


Because, now you know that one day this will all be someone else’s dream (thank you Gary), you can act fearlessly.

You can quit your job and start your dream business (I don’t advise you do that unless you have at least 12 months worth of living expenses in savings),

You can go ask that hot girl or guy out on a date (I don’t suggest you do this unless you have at least 12 months worth of living expenses in savings if you’re a guy or if you are expecting him to last more than 3 minutes if you’re a girl),

You can buy that round the world ticket (again,  the 12 month living expenses thing works well here too),

But you can also live each day as if it’s your last because the truth is,  one day it well be.

Better to have stories than regrets right?

I’m serious too you know!

I see people everyday living as though they’re going to live forever,

Their vocabulary consists of words like later,  tomorrow,  in a bit,  one day,  some day,  next year,  when I get that job,  girl,  pension etc etc.

These people obviously haven’t realised yet that life is happening RIGHT NOW!

Don’t get me wrong,  we’ve got to consider the possibility of having to spend 20,30,40,50,60 more years on this planet,

And in no way am I saying you should just give up everything and become a beach bum waxing surfboards in the Caribbean for a living,  I mean that’s just crazy right?  What on earth would society think if you ditched 40 years of the 9-5 in a job you hate to do something far less stressful and more enjoyable?


Anyway back to really,  whatever the funk that is?!

So you’re this bomb (yes I know I said reality, just stay with me here),  that’s going to go off (If Mi5 are reading this,  don’t panic,  I’m just using the analogy to make a point, I’m not a terrorist and I do not intend to blow anything up,  ever).

Seriously now,  just stop for a second and let the fact sink in,

One day you won’t be here and non of what you’re doing will matter, unless of course you’re working on the cure for cancer or you have the formula for world peace that is.

So if you’re not happy with any area of your life right now,  why are you continuing to put yourself through the pain and misery (If you’re really happy with your life by the way can I suggest you send this post to one of your unhappy friends) .

Why do you do it?

Why suffer?

Why struggle?

Because of what people might think if you quit the shit you hate about your life and started doing only what and who you enjoyed doing?

More good news,  those people who you worry what they’ll think of you,  they’ll be dead one day too!

Now imagine you decide not to take that opportunity to change your life because of what someone you know might think of you and that opportunity goes and a day later the person you cared about what they might have thought about you died.

Imagine that?!  You’d be pretty pissed at yourself for not taking the opportunity wouldn’t you?

So again,  what are you waiting for?


Bad news time,  the only person who can give you permission to do what you want to do is,  yeah you guessed it,


The time is counting down my friend and your life is waiting for you to simply go out and get it.







If not now,  then WHEN?


PS. if you want a shortcut and a toolkit to making the above happen I explain how in my book ‘Be Your Own Superhero – and save yourself’ Go here if you want that…

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