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3 Things that are keeping you stuck

I was on a coaching call this morning,

And something cropped up for my client that was keeping him stuck.

But I coached him through it and now he’s about to take things to the next level.

If you want to know what was holding my client back ad what is holding you back then just…..


Do not click through if you’re totally happy with EVERY area of your life right now.


If not now, then WHEN?


Tears, Death and Regrets.

I’m in tears right now.

black back ground

So it’s probably not a good idea to be writing this,

Because I’m writing emotionally not logically,

Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad,

Tonight? meh, it just is.

Why am I in tears?

I’ll get to that in a sec,

But let me ask you this,

If you died tomorrow,

Would you be happy if you were sat outside the pearly gates and you had to watch the film of your life?

Would you be happy with all the risks you took?

Would you be happy with all the inspiring you did and all the leading others that you’ve done?

Would you be happy looking back and seeing how much of a role model you were?

Would you be happy with how you lived your life completely on your terms as a lion,  a warrior,  a Shepherd,  a guru, a thought leader, a creator or a  guiding light?

Or would you be disappointed because of all the times you quit on yourself?

Would you be disappointed with all the times you quit on others and let others down?

Would you be disappointed that you lived your life as a sheep,  as a follower, as a wonderer who neither dared too much or achieved too much?

Which one is it?

Would you be happy because you lived full out and followed your heart and dreams and passion and purpose?

Or would you be full of regret if you died tomorrow because you never really lived?

Answer honestly.

Your answer doesn’t matter to me by the way,

But I can sure as hell guarantee it will matter to you when the day finally comes that you have to look back on the life you lived.

And the reason I’m in tears?

I’ve just finished watching the film Fast and the furious 7 for the first time ever,

And if you’ve seen it you’ll know how emotional the final scene is.

I just can’t believe how someone can be taken from this planet at such a young age.

I watched everyone of those fast and the furious films (Being a boy racer myself from the age of 17 – well still now if I get the chance, it’s hard to not watch films like these) and I can’t believe Paul walker won’t be in any more of them.

He was only 40 when he left this physical world.

That’s about 60 years too early for anyone let alone someone as talented as him.

The good thing about it?

I imagine he’ll be pretty happy if he’s watching his life movie right now.

R.I.P Paul Walker.

Now I’ve kinda stopped with all the motivational stuff recently,  it’s been done and I feel it’s has its day,

However I’m going to make an exception for this post..

Please,  whatever you do with your life from this day forwards,

Make sure you live it knowing you’ll be happy watching your own movie back when you get the chance.

Who knows who’ll be watching it with you.

Said with love and passion,


PS. if not now,  then WHEN?

You Get To Create Whatever You Want!

So I was sat in Costa coffee a few weeks ago,

costa coffee

So I was sat in Costa coffee a few weeks ago,

And I’d just gotten off a call with a new coaching client in the States,

And I notice there’s a guy sat across from me,

Reading what is quite possibly one of my FAVOURITE books of all time!

And If you haven’t read it yet,

I would highly recommend you get it,

ESPECIALLY if you either want your own business or you already have your own business,

OR even if you just want to spend a LOT LESS TIME at the office.

It’s called,

The Four Hour Work Week – By Tim Ferriss

And although I didn’t author that book (I really wish I had),

It makes me VERY happy to see someone else reading it.


Because that guy reading it realises that there’s more to life than just surviving,


Working for the man.

He’s also about to discover that if he’s a business owner there are infinitely more and better and far simpler ways to run a business that he currently is.

And now he’s CREATING, Or he’s about to create,

His OWN set of rules in which to live life by,

Or to run his business by,

He’s going to get to set his own STANDARDS,


And ultimately he’s going to be the CAPTAIN OF HIS SOUL, THE MASTER OF HIS FATE.

(If he chooses too of course).

Hey, I’m not saying that working for the man,

Having him/or her depict your hours, holiday, environment, experiences and standards,

Is a bad thing,

ESPECIALLY if you’re TRULY happy doing that,

I mean,

Working for the man/woman

Is safe,

It pays the bills,

You know exactly what you’re doing and when EVERY SINGLE DAY,

You know how much you’re going to get paid probably for the REST OF YOUR LIFE,

And having lived the corporate, commuting, suit and tie life myself,

It’s actually quite comforting knowing those facts.

But of course,

Those facts (pay, pension, job security, etc) are all determined by your boss or the company you work for,

And as you’re smart you know that your situation could change for the worse in a heart beat but again,

Having someone CONTROL A MAJOR PART OF YOUR LIFE could be a good thing,

So keep going if that’s what you TRULY enjoy doing,

Or you’re REALLY TRULY happy,

Or you believe that that’s the reason you’ve been put on this planet.

If not,

If you believe there really is another way,

Then get yourself to Costa,

Start reading The Four Hour Work Week,


Send me a message and ask me how I left the office and tie life and how I now get to control EVERY part of my life from when I work, where I work and who I work with.

Because there is another way and I’ll be happy to show you/guide you/help you on your journey.

If not now, then WHEN?


10 SIMPLE steps to more CONFIDENCE

Imagine if you had more confidence,

What would you do?

What/who would you go after?


After speaking with literally thousands of people during my Personal Training and Coaching career I’ve found that there’s one thing most people have in common,

One goal that most people desire more than anything in the world,

And that is to have more confidence.

Now Einstein said:

‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, and no simpler.’

So here’s how to improve your confidence for anything and everything in 10 SIMPLE steps..

1) Stop comparing yourself to others.

2) Create a simple yet detailed plan for what you want to achieve.

3) Practice doing the thing you want/need confidence for.

4) Visualise the outcome you desire.

5) Repeat steps 3-4 until you have a VERY HIGH level of confidence before taking action.

6) Detach from the outcome of the thing you want/need confidence for.

7) Remove emotion from the outcome (similar to number 6 but not the same)

8) Take action.

9) Review outcome logically not emotionally and make notes on what you can do better next time if you need to.

10)  Repeat steps 3-9 for continued increase in confidence for anything.

If not now, then WHEN?


PS If you want a head start on anyone else with the whole confidence thing,  I have one space left for The Malvern Experience on Saturday the 20th February where you’ll leave feeling 100% confident that you can and will achieve what it is you want to achieve most. If you want to know more just go here and click on the picture (you’ll know which one when you go there)

Do you use this C word?

I was out on a 4 mile run with Max (my hyperactive black Labrador) this morning when something happened,

shocked woman

Now the route I took was one that I usually run, down through town, past the cricket pitches, along the river, up past the uni and back home again,

However this mornings run was HARD.

Do you ever have that?

One day you’ll go out for a run or go to the gym and feel great and the next you’ll feel like you’re running through thick powdery sand.

Yeah well today was the day that felt like I was on a beach dunes run that also seemed to last forever.

There were plenty of times that I could have just stopped running and walked for a bit.

Mainly because the C word kept coming into my head,

I CAN’T carry on running,

I CAN’T make it up that hill,

I CAN’T make it home without stopping.


One little word,

But it carries SO much power,

Especially if left untreated!

But you see the word CAN’T is simply just a belief, there is very little fact or evidence to back it up,


Because CAN’T lives in the future.

And the future doesn’t exist, so it’s all just speculation.

See at the time that I was saying I CAN’T, that was in the present,

And when I was saying I CAN’T,

I was actually DOING it.

I WAS running,

I WAS making it up the hill,

I WAS making it home without stopping.

So what did I do?

I simply changed I CAN’T into I AM!



Have a go at saying those last three phrases right now and FEEL what goes on when you say them and mean them,

Go on try it right now.




You see the only thing stopping you, me and anybody from achieving anything in our life is our beliefs, that’s it, not our circumstances, our beliefs.

Founder of the Ford motor company – Henry Ford hit the nail on the head when he said:

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re probably right”.

I’ll repeat that because it’s probably the most important statement ever made,

”Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – You’re probably right!”

Remember, what you focus on, you get more of.

So before you write off your chances of any accomplishment when you are faced with a challenge, give yourself a little pep talk. And when I say little, all I mean is to simply say the simple POWER phrases that WILL make all the difference to any outcome.




Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

If not now, then WHEN?


Gary Vee vs Grant Cardone (video)

”Grant: How much you gunna make this year?

Gary: $17 million.”

Here’s the deal,

If you TRULY want to take ANY area of your life to the next level,

Then watch the 47 minute video from start to finish with two of the BIGGEST hitters in the (money) success game.

*note – the info and advice contained in this video can be applied to ANY area of your life from finances to relationships to personal health and wellness.



If not now, then WHEN?

Matt Smith (Coach to Gary Vee, one day – dream big right?)

PS. The golden nugget I took away from watching this is this: Be the turtle AND the hare. Work smart AND work hard. Do that, ad you’ll win. At almost anything.

FEAR: How to beat me in 6 simple steps

We all experience it from time to time,

Some more than others,

So here’s a simple experiment for you to try that will have you acting in spite of fear VERY quickly….


(re pic – I’m not sure if she’s expressing fear, or if we’re supposed to feel it looking at her?)

Be warned, a life of freedom, prosperity and happiness live on the other side of this simple exercise,

Only continue if you NEVER want to experience an average and mediocre life EVER again…

Step 1. Think of something you want to do or say but have fear around doing or saying it. (it might be asking a hot guy/girl out on a date, making a sales call, hiring a coach (wink wink), quitting your job to go traveling around the world)

Step 2. Write down on a piece of paper the WORST possible outcome that could happen if you do or say the thing you want to do.

Step 3. Write down on the same piece of paper 1 thing you can do to prevent the worst possible thing from happening even if you still did the thing you are fearful of doing but really want to do or say.

Step 4. Write down the BEST possible outcome that can happen if you do or say the thing you really want to do or say.

Step 5. Decide whether or not the BEST possible outcome is more likely than the WORST possible outcome.

Step 6. Decide whether or not you’re going to act in spite of fear so that you can do or say the thing you really want to do or say.

And there you go,

It really is as simple as that.

Try it and let me know how you get on.

Oh and a secret tip that’s not so secret: By doing more of the things you fear, the less fear shows up in your life.

If not now, then WHEN?


Have you got crabs?

One time a man was walking along the beach and saw another man fishing in the surf with a bait bucket beside him.

As he drew closer, he saw that the bait bucket had no lid and had live crabs inside.


“Why don’t you cover your bait bucket so the crabs won’t escape?”, he said.

“You don’t understand.”

The man replied,

“If there is one crab in the bucket it would surely crawl out very quickly. However, when there are many crabs in the bucket, if one tries to crawl up the side, the others grab hold of it and pull it back down so that it will share the same fate as the rest of them.”

So it is with people.

If one tries to do something different, get better grades, better jobs, improve themselves, escape their environment, or dream big dreams, other people will try to drag them back down to share their fate.

Moral of the story: Ignore the crabs. Charge ahead and do what is right for you. It may not be easy and you may not succeed as much as you like, but you will NEVER share the same fate as those never try.

If not now, then WHEN?


12 questions to your dream life…

Imagine for a second that you are stood in president Obama’s office (or if you’re reading this after 2016, whoever is the current president or ruler of the world) and Mr Obama is stood over the big red button and says to you these words..

red button

‘When you leave this office you have to go and live what you believe would be your perfect day, but there’s one condition, you must do the same thing every day for the rest of your life and if you deviate I’ll press this big red button and blow up the entire world’. (no pressure)

Question: What does that perfect day look like to you?

If you’re not sure,

Then here’s 12 questions to help you along the way…

1. What time would you get up to start your day?

2. Who would you get up with?

3. Where would you get up (live)?

4. What would you eat for breakfast?

5. What would you do for work/job/career? (you have to do something that pays you cash money by the way and you can’t just live on a beach or a golf course or shop in your favourite shop, you’d get bored doing that day ion day out anyway….. Yes you would!)

6. How many hours would you spend doing that work?

7. What would you eat and drink throughout the day?

8. How would you exercise your body and your mind IF you would do that at all?

9. Who would be in your life? (Family, friends, business associates, mentors etc.)

10. What material things would you have? (car(s), house(s), jet(s), clothing, jewelry etc.)

11. How would you end your day?

12. What time would your day end?

13. Who would you end your day with?

Answer those 12 questions honestly and you will have your dream day and ultimately your dream life.

Then all you get to do is decide whether or not you’re willing to do the work that will allow you to bring that dream life into your reality.

If not now, then WHEN?


PS. As always, if you’d like help with any of this just head over to my social media profile >>>> Over there, and we’ll see if I can be of any service to you.

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