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Who is the NLBC?

I was 16 years old,

It was December,

And I was on my hands and knees.

Dustpan and brushing the corner of an old warehouse.

My first proper job!

Title: Factory worker.

Term: 3 months (it was agency work at Christmas time)

Pay: Slave labour.

The factory was a huge place,

And it was dark, dusty, cold, loud, and completely uninspiring place.

Don’t get me wrong, the people I worked with were some of the hardest workers I’ve ever known,

But the environment itself, did nothing for the imagination and what’s possible in life.

Apart from promotion to line manager of course.

Again I’m not saying these roles or people in them are worthless, and yes somebody has to do it,

But for me, an ambitious 16 year old lad, fresh out of school, with his whole life ahead of him, nah!

During a shift of stacking boxes onto pallets,

The line manager approached me and said,

(I remember it like it was yesterday)

”Can you go and clean the dust that’s built up in the corner over there?!”

Grahame, the line manager, didn’t even know my name nor did he say please or thank you.

”Sure” I said,

And I ran over like an excited kid at Christmas, dustpan and brush in hand and got straight down on my hands and knees in my worn out jeans, Man United football top and black grotty steel toecap boots and got to sweeping,

Then something stopped me,

I don’t know what it was,

But it was something that’s never shown up in my life before,

It was like someone has just passed pause on my life and made me step out of my body to watch what I was doing.

It was there and then,

On that cold December evening (about 6:45pm)

When I said to myself,

”There’s got to be more to life than this”.

And that’s where my journey of seeing what’s possible began.

I’ve NEVER looked back since that day.

I’ve NEVER regretted ANYTHING I’ve done or the careers I’ve tried,

From selling golf balls in a golf shop earning in a year what I’ve recently earned in a month,

To living in a barn with no heating (in the winter) selling houses,

From being head chef and running my own kitchen working 1,000,000 hours a week,

To being one of the youngest ever area managers for an international insurance company leading a team of salespeople (21 years old making 6 figures was pretty cool),

Yep, I’ve not regretted anything.

I don’t even regret selling everything I owned to move to Tenerife before getting mugged and breaking my wrist in the first week and having to come back home.

Why don’t I regret trying all these things?

(All done before the age of 22 may I add)

Because they’ve all taught me things about myself,

I’ve learned,

What I don’t want to do in life,

What I do enjoy doing,

What standards I set for myself,

What’s important and what’s not.

But I’ve also learned that just DOING and BEING doesn’t fulfil me,

It doesn’t get me up in the mornings all fired up.

What does get me fired up?


And living with a sense of purpose and passion?

Well, I’ll give you a clue,

I’ve been doing this most of my life,

But only officially, as in being paid to do it,

For the last 6 years,

And that isn’t DOING,


It’s helping,






Most call it Coaching,

But I like to call it, GIVING.

Giving the best version of me to others so that they can show up and be, do and have what they truly want in life.

Tony Robbins said ‘The secret to living is giving’ and after experiencing the feelings I feel when people say thank you to me for changing, Transforming and even saving their lives,

I couldn’t agree more with him.

Which is why I do what I do everyday,

Which is why I GIVE my time (our most valuable asset) to others so much,

Which is why I GIVE my energy, love and attention to others so much,

Which is why I’ll ALWAYS be in this line of work, helping, coaching, guiding, mentoring but most of all empowering others to be, do and have whatever they want while they’re on this planet.

Life is short,

Therfore I strongly believe that we shouldn’t waste more time than we need to doing things we don’t like doing, or being someone we don’t like being.

And I’m making it my mission to show up as the best version of me EVERYDAY to guide, mentor, inspire, motivate, empower and coach anyone who truly wants to do what they want to do and be who they want to be.

Remember though,

You’ve gotta save yourself and Be Your Own Superhero! (shameless plug for my book that’s out at the end of this month (Jan 2016).

Even if saving yourself means reaching out to someone who can show you the next steps.

Stuck in a job that leaves you feeling numb?
Reach out!

Stuck earning X amout per month and want to go to the next level?
Reach out!

Stuck in an unloving relationship?
Reach out!

Stuck in a body you hate?
Reach out!

Stuck and just know there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing?


As always,

Said with love.

Matt Smith – The Next Level Breakthrough Coach

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