Something needs to change

A story and a message to you, the out of shape, the tired, stressed, almost burned out business owner.


It’s 6am,

You’r alarm rings,


Feels like groundhog day,

Same shit,

Different day,

You’re not going anywhere this morning (nor in life),

Uninspired by this realisation,

You hit snooze,

Again, and again, and again,

Until you finally drag your tired and slightly (mostly) soft around the edges carcass out of your warm and cozy bed.

You make some kind of grunting noise as you get up, either to yourself or your partner – you’re not quite sure which but you do it anyway.

Into the bathroom you wonder, sighing at the person staring back at you in the mirror.

You grunt at them too!

Once you’re ready <<Overstatement<<  for the day,

You rush down the stairs hoping there’s something you can grab and shovel into your gob as you race out the door wondering WHY you allow yourself to keep hitting that bloody snooze button.

Late again!

But what does that matter?

It’s not like you care about what you do or who you do it for anymore.

And instead of the energetic and passionate version of you that used to turn up to work,


Someone who’s bored, tired, stressed, and fed up shows up to do your job.

And for some reason, you just seem to have more bad days than good.

You never have time to eat right, or exercise like you used to.

You don’t go on date nights or spend time just chatting with your partner like you used to,

You don’t have the time or the energy for the kids like you used to,

Your friends hardly call anymore like they used to,

And to top it all off,

Every item in your wardrobe seems to be getting smaller and smaller (that’s my polite way of saying you’re out of shape, big time!).

And we haven’t even started with what you get up to on the weekends yet,




Takeaways WITH puddings?

Late nights?

Even later mornings?

And before you know it Mondays back around again slapping you in the face TRYING DESPERATELY to give you the message that SOMETHING needs to change!

How do I know that this is how you and so many other business owners are feeling right now?

Because I’ve been there,

And right now you’re either right in the eye of the burnout storm or you’re VERY close to it!

It’s not a nice place to be I agree,

However on the flip side,

It’s a great place to be.


Because now you get to choose,

You get to choose whether you stay and continue on the path you’re on HOPING something will change for you (unlikely based on your past experience)


You can choose to do something about your body, your business, your relationships and your life and start to change things for the better.

Maybe you’ve already made that decision.

If you have then you probably already know,

It won’t be easy moving away from your pain,

but it will be a whole lot easier than staying where you are!

Just imagine for a sec if you DO decide to stay where you are,

Imagine doing what you’re doing for another year, or for 5 more years or even for 40  more years (yes some people go through their entire life feeling this way and still don’t do anything about it).


Now I’ve highlighted your pain, (and rubbed a bit of salt in the wounds while I was there),

Would you like to know how I personally went from tired and out of shape and burned out to energetic, in shape and full of love for what I do again in just 6 short months?

If so, here’s my 3 simple (not easy) steps…

1) I stopped looking outside and instead turned my attention to the inside. I checked in with my feelings and thought about what messages I was getting from them about the parts of my life that I needed to change, and fast. (yes your feelings are this powerful and no you don’t need to listen to anyone else telling you what you need to do, you already know).

2) I reached out and got help in the areas where I needed it. My body, mind and my relationships I’m a master at and managed to change these areas myself but the business however needed outside support from mentors and coaches so I went to them investing over £10k in the process.

3) I made a plan and did the work that would get me out of poor health, boredom and burnout and into shape and loving what I was doing again.

And that’s it.

No fluff,

No BS,

No smoke and mirrors or magic pills powders and potions,

Just 3 simple (not easy) steps.




And if any of what I’ve just written has resonated with you in some way,

Maybe you’re experiencing what I went through or you know someone who is currently going through what I went through,

Then I mean it when I say,


I understand.

And I know how much you want it to change because NO it can’t go on much longer.

But the best bit,

You do have the choice AND the power to make your life/business/health and relationships into something truly amazing.

I know because I’ve been where you are and yes I’m arrogant enough to say I am now where you want to be.

So take this not as a rant, or as a boast on my behalf,

But as inspiration.

Because things can (and will if you do the work) get better.

To the future you and your impending health, wealth and happiness.


PS. If not now, then WHEN?

6 simple steps to ‘finding yourself’

It seems to be the in phrase right now,

be yourself

‘Just be yourself’ they say.

‘Stop trying to be like everyone else’ they say.

But how do you just be yourself?

Or how do you even find yourself in the first place?

You see most people have spent their lives (myself included) trying to be someone they’re not just so they could fit into societies norms, or so that they could be accepted, liked and loved by others.

Problem is,

Most people (myself included again) wake up one day feeling a bit lost,

Like they’ve forgotten who they are.

Well if that’s you,

And you want to ‘find yourself’ again,

Then don’t worry, you don’t have to go backpacking halfway around the world to find yourself,

No you just need to go into the bathroom,

Or wherever your nearest mirror is,

And follow the 6 simple steps to finding yourself below.

This is something I did just recently and OMG (Yes I went there) it works a treat.

Feel free to give it a go and let me know how you get on and ultimately,

Who you find….

Step 1. Go to your nearest mirror.

Step 2. Stand about 8-10 inches away from said mirror facing directly into it.

Step 3. Stare into the eyes of the person in the mirror.

Step 4. Say the words: ‘Who AM I’ out loud (notice the emphasis on the AM).

Step 5. Repeat step 4 until you have your answer.

Step 6. Go forth and prosper!

If not now, then WHEN?


What would you do? (£2 million)

What would you do?

money woman

If all of a sudden,

The money you’re working for,

Came to you in one big lump right now.

Over their working lifetime the average person will see about £2million come into their bank account,

You might be on track for more (or less)

But  just imagine for a second that all the money you’ll earn over your lifetime,

Came to you RIGHT NOW!

What would you do?


But a house?

Pay off your families debts?

Quit your job/career/business?

What would you do?

Now before you go away and plan out what you’d do just in case that did happen,

I’d like to draw your attention to the last question up there ^^^

Would you quit your job/career/business?

See I’m not sure about you,

But I wouldn’t,

Why wouldn’t I quit what I do?

Because I believe that what I do ..

”A great chat with Matt Smith tonight. Not only does he motivate me in my gym sessions but also helps with my stress/anxieties and helps me find solutions. Highly recommended!!! Thank you x” – Kelly (Client)

”Totally agree with you re Matt Kelly, he’s awesome at what he does and as I said to Matt himself words haven’t been invented yet to describe how I feel since his help from a mental point of view!” – Rosie (Client)

Is what I’ve been put here to do.

So no,  I wouldn’t quit my job,

I would hire a cleaner though.

So now I have another question for you.

Are YOU doing what you’ve been put here to do?

Or are you merely passing the time like 95% of the western world because that’s what society has taught you to do?

Have a think about it.

And be honest with your answer.

Seriously do this because there’ll be nothing worse than one day lying on your death bed with your grandkids by the side of it asking you if you lived your life the way you wanted to and if you had any regrets and you having to answer honestly (either in your head or out loud) that you didn’t live your life the way you wanted to and that you DID have regrets.

And if you ARE doing what you believe you’ve been put here to do,

Are you doing it full out?


Or are you holding back?

Because surely, as we only get one go at this life,

One which we’ll soon be free from (the physical world anyway),

Shouldn’t we be living it on our terms,

Doing what we want to do?

Being who we want to be?


Sans fear.

Sans regrets?

If not now,  then WHEN?


What could possibly go wrong?

It’s August 2014,


And I’m on top of the world!

Living the dream!

I’ve got the perfect and happy relationship with my partner of 9 years Connie,

A gorgeous son called Jude,

A daughter on the way,

And an amazingly energetic and fun Black Labrador called Max.

My fitness business is on target for turning over well over 6 figures this year, I’m looking at locations for my very own training facility (fancy talk for a gym), I have 3 energetic and passionate staff that I’m paying well, the business has online and offline parts to it and to top it off I have a bunch of frikkin awesome clients that I love working with and who are getting amazing results with their health, fitness and body confidence goals.

I’m driving one of my dream cars (an Audi A5 S-line Black Edition with leather seats and all the trimmings),

I’m in great physical and mental shape myself – 7% body fat, can run a marathon, lift twice my body weight, absolutely no stress or worry whatsoever,= and loads of energy!

And I’m about to move my family into a ridiculously large 4 bed 3 bath detached house in a VERY affluent area,

Yep, I had life pretty much all figured out,

At just 28 years old too.

Or at least I thought I did.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well how about everything!

Fast forward a few months and this story takes us to November 25th 2014,

A cold but clear Tuesday morning.

I remember it like it was yesterday,

I’d just finished walking Max, he was staying at my mums because between selling our old house and moving into our new one we’d moved into Connie’s parents (8 week gap between moving).

I was sat on my mums sofa in her front room in her house that’s located on the outskirts of a town called Droitwich,

It’s a brand new build on a new housing development and everything is new inside,

Cream carpets, cream walls, you know, the standard stuff they colour brand new houses with,

So it’s like a blank canvas ready for you to make your mark on it (that bit will make a come-back a bit later in or story).

Anyway, I go to check my online banking just to see what’s up and make sure everything’s in order as it’s coming up to the end of the month and you know what that means…

Outgoings galore, especially as a business owner!!

But what did I discover when I checked my online banking?

‘Insufficient funds available’.

I had no money left.

Now if you’re a human being who is older than 3 years old you’ll know that the month after November is December.

Which means Christmas is only 4 weeks away,

You’ll also know that I am a man with a family.

Which means I am yet to do any Christmas shopping,

You can imagine the feelings that are starting to creep into my mind.

No money, Christmas on its way, a whole family to buy for…


How did I have no money left in my account?

Oh yeah, I almost burnt my successful and thriving fitness business to the ground in the pursuit of more income for less hours worked.

I got the less hours worked bit sorted because most of my clients left me,

Which means I kinda messed up the more income bit.


Well we need to jump back to September for this bit.

Remember I was looking for a gym?

Well what I decided to do with the money I was going to invest in a gym was instead invest it in a business mentor.

Why did I do that?

Because I saw he was getting amazing results with his own business and with his clients and I wanted a piece of the action.

Yes I was doing well, very well in fact but what had I forgotten to do on my journey?

To be grateful for what I already had.

I had forgotten to stop and realise how good I actually had it,

I thought that by having more stuff I’d be happier.

I wanted more and I thought that by hiring this business mentor that would be the answer.

At the time I was running something I called The Fitness Camps, outside, in a park, with no equipment whatsoever.

I was also doing semi-private personal training and some VIP personal training, as well as the online stuff.

But in a moment of madness, after the suggestions of the business mentor I hired,

I posted into the private Facebook group that I had set up to keep everyone accountable and deliver even more value this statement:

As of Monday there will be no more fitness camps.

Instead I will only be doing semi-private Personal Training in the gym.

AND I only have 1 spot available.

*Side note, I didn’t have one spot available, this was supposed to be a clever marketing strategy called scarcity tactics so that everyone rushed to grab that 1 space*

Please contact me if you want to apply for this one space.


What happened?

Everyone, bar a few, of the members of the fitness camps left.

Stating they didn’t want to take the 1 place because that meant the other members of the group would lose out.

I built my fitness family as I called them into such a tight nit group of awesome people who had become great friends that it eventually worked against me, ironic right?

And because most of the girls who left agreed that I’d acted very unprofessional they all demanded a refund.

So I ended up refunding most of the members for the last month of training with me (If you’re a business owner you can imagine how bad for cash flow it would be refunding almost 20 monthly memberships).

I still to this day don’t know why I didn’t fight my corner and say it’s my business I can do what I want and as they’d already had the service and results they’d paid for I wasn’t going to issue a refund but I did what I did and that’s that.

So now with no fitness camps I had to tell my awesome fitness camps instructor that I had no work for him and had to let him go, this really hurt me because he was my little protégé and I loved seeing him grow and develop not just as a trainer but as a person too.

Then because the guys program I was running at the same time was causing me lots of stress, the trainer was a great trainer but needed a lot of hand holding as something like this was completely alien to him, I ended up giving that whole part of my business to him, just like that, no sale, no contract, I just walked away from it.

That program by the way was being built into a 6 figure business all on its own; just shows you, money isn’t everything.

This also meant that I no longer needed my very astute, good friend and my director of sales AJ because now I had all this extra time on my hands and 2 less programs to enrol people into I could do the enrolment calls myself.

And to top it off, I gave up with the online side of the business because my heart wasn’t in the product I was selling at the time.

This sent me into the biggest depression, anxiety, panic attack filled hole anyone could ever imagine (don’t feel sorry for me, I did this to myself and accept full responsibility for my actions, I also forgive every one of my ex clients and fitness family members for their hate and abuse that they directed at me for acting so unprofessional).

I also want to point out that I am in no way blaming the Business Mentor I hired, what he does is awesome and it works, it just wasn’t what my business needed at that point in time.

Why did I spiral into depression? Because if you know me at my core you’ll know one of my core values is love. Love as in love of helping others. And what I did went hugely against this core value of mine and when we go against our core values we experience massive amounts of pain. Physical and emotional.

So anyway, back to the living room at my mum’s house.

After the reality of what I’d done to my life had set in,

I immediately shut my computer, went upstairs into my sisters room,

Lay down on the floor and just exploded into the most emotional ball of tears and screaming you could imagine.

The emotional pain I experienced that day was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.


Because I hadn’t just failed myself,

I’d failed my family; I couldn’t financially support them.

I’d failed my staff; no longer could I provide the opportunities and growth they had when they were working with me,

And I’d also failed my clients, who were now ex clients because if they were not in my business they were not receiving the level of service that I was delivering to them; and yes I’m going to be arrogant, cocky, confident (whatever you want to label it as) and say you will struggle to find anyone who will serve you like I will if you were my client.

What else caused me to experience this emotional pain?

In the process of chasing more money, I had let my own personal health and fitness go to ruins.

I used the excuse ‘I don’t have time to train and prepare my meals because I’m busy with building my business’, I let my exercise and healthy eating take a back seat.

What I was really saying was ‘I don’t respect myself enough to exercise and eat right so I’ll make up some bullshit excuse as to why I can’t and justify my actions that way’.

So now, because of my lack of gratitude and love and pursuit of more with my income,

I’m not only financially broke, but I’m also physically broke.

AND THEN because of all this stress I was going through I was always in a bad mood.

In fact that’s a lie,

Because of what I’d done to my business and my physical condition I CHOSE to always be in a bad mood but I hid it well.

I did that thing that most people who are in emotional pain do and respond to questions like ‘How are you’ with ‘I’m fine’.

*On that note, have you ever stopped to ask someone how they REALLY feel, or how they REALLY are? try it, you might get a slightly different response to the standard ‘I’m fine’. You might also save a life,

Which brings me to the next part of my story…

What other part of my life is left to destroy other than myself and my business?

Yup, my personal relationships with my family.

Long story short here, but a few weeks after my mini meltdown in my sisters room, Connie (my partner of 9 years and counting), told me she couldn’t do it anymore and threatened to take Jude, Max and our unborn daughter Maggie and leave me on my own in this puddle of self-pity, hate, excuses and mess that I’d created all by myself in a VERY short space of time.

That night, about 9pm, I found myself driving on the wrong side of the road 20 miles away from home heading straight into an oncoming lorry.

That was the lowest and most worthless I’d ever felt.

So the only thing left to do in my mind at that time was to end it all.

And by ending my life I’d end the pain I was causing to other peoples lives.

I’m just going to let that sink in for a sec as even writing this is bringing back memories of that cold, wet and dark night in December a few weeks before Christmas.







Ok, it’s sunk in.

So now I guess I better cheer you (and me) back up by telling you how I bounced back from being in the worst physical, mental, emotional, financial and relationship-ial (new word) condition of my life.

And what made my pull back onto my side of the road and answer the phone to Connie who was desperately trying to get hold of me after I told her a few hours earlier that she won’t have to suffer anymore because I’m going and never coming back.

At that point I asked myself this question;

What if there is a way out of this mess?

And that was it.

I pulled over, had a conversation with Connie, she made me realise that I wasn’t worthless and that a LOT of people still loved and respected me and how I was still serving some really cool people who appreciated me (you know who you are and you know how much I love, appreciate and thank you).

And from that day everything changed.

Almost in an instant I went from weak, depress and powerless,

To Strong, Happy and Powerful.

And ever since that day I’ve been on a journey,

A journey that is transforming every area of my life,

And I’m going to sum up in 10 points how and what I’m doing;

(get a pen and paper and make notes, especially if there are parts of your life that you are not happy with)

1. I made myself fully aware of my current situation and how I felt being in that situation in every area of my life (see above) and this is something I recommend you take 10 minutes right now, or at least at the end of this blog post, and do yourself.

2. I decided what I wanted in every area of my life (my physical condition, my relationships, my income, and yes my soul or my emotional state), again, do this yourself ASAP.

3. I got ridiculously committed to achieving what I wanted in every area of my life.

4. I put a big ass WHY behind each goal.

5. I started taking forwards action EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in every area of my life.

6. I stopped comparing myself to other people < that alone eliminated 90% of my depression and anxiety.

7. I started practicing gratitude EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

8. I decided to start EVERY. SINGLE. DAY the same way; Read something either education, informational or inspirational, drink a greens drink and a bulletproof coffee.

9. I changed my environment, I eliminated EVERY. SINGLE. Negative person, or people who were holding me back or trying to pull me down, any negative media and any negative self talk from my life.

10. I surrounded myself with people who were where I wanted to be in every area of my life.

Am I in the physical shape I want to be in? No-where near, but I’m on the path. Click here to see my ongoing transformation pictures

Do I have the finances that will support me and my family and will allow me to bring in great teams of people into my business? No yet, but I’m on the path.

Do I have an epic relationship with Connie and the kids? Yep 🙂

Am I depression, worry, anxiety and stress free? 99% of the time yes, ok those emotions try to creep in now and again but as soon as they do I know EXACTLY how to handle them and as soon as they show up they’re gone again.

Am I happier than I’ve ever been? YES! Happiness, I’ve learned, is a choice, it’s not something you get when you hit a certain income level or status in society, it’s something you choose to either be or not be on a daily basis.

Is my business where I want it to be? Not yet, but I’m on the path.

Do I hope this has helped you or maybe someone you know?

Yes but the only way for me to find out is if you reach out to me over on Facebook  and let me know so please come and connect and say hi, I’d love to hear if you have a similar story or if my story has helped you in any way.

In closing I would like to leave you with this…

Life is not about the destination, hell it’s not even the journey, it’s about our attitude, our mind-set and our energy in any given moment that needs the most attention. Get around people who are either where you want to be, can take you to where you want to be or who are on the path to where you want to be. Remove any negativity or anything that’s holding you back from your life ASAP. Stay committed to whatever it is you desire most in life, and whatever it is you’re going through understand this one thing, things can only get better, but you must want them to and then take action on that want. Take care of Number 1 (that’s you if you didn’t already know). You’re the most important person on the planet  and don’t you ever forget that.

If not now, then WHEN?

Matt (and family)

family 2

Screw The LOA, Unicorns and Vision boards!!!

3 times.


Once at school,

Once in a car park playing american football,

And once in Tenerife.

Those are the 3 places I have broken my left wrist.

And yes it was very painful on all 3 occasions (I have an extremely low pain threshold too which didn’t help!).

And each time I went to A & E,

As soon as I got there,

I got an initial assessment of the damage,

The doctors then decided what they needed to do to get me out of my pain.

And then the surgeons got to work AS SOON AS they were able.

There was no one-on-one discussion in a room with me about my past and how the events buried there might have triggered the breaks,

There was no time spent creating vision boards with pictures of me on them playing golf again with a perfectly healed wrist,

And there definitely wasn’t any talk about the Law Of Attraction, unicorns, meditation or even alignment and creation.

The surgeons simply evaluated the pain,

Got clear on the outcome,

And went to work within 2 hours!

(Apart from when I was in Tenerife, I couldn’t get it fixed out there without having to pay for the op first (mess up with insurance) so I had to fly back to the UK with just a bandage on my arm,  the hospital wouldn’t even put a cast on it, a whole week after I broke it, yes that hurt quite a bit too).

You see if you want to get out of any pain that you are in right now,

Whether that pain be you’re overweight or you’re uncomfortable with your body or you lack body confidence,

Or the fact you have too much month left at the end of the money,

Or that you’re in a crappy relationship where you and your partner hardly talk let alone have sex!

Or that you just feel a bit shit and have lost your mojo,

Whatever your pain is,

You must first do this…

Decide WHAT the outcome is that you want and WHY you want that outcome and then,

You get to do the bit that most people forget to do,

And that is you GET TO DO THE WORK that will get you out of your pain.

OK yes, you can have your vision board and you can meditate and you can even look back into your past to see how you ended up in the pain you’re in right now but I promise you,

The ONLY way you’ll get out of your pain is by actually DOING THE WORK!

And the doing of the work will happen as fast or as slow as you want it to.

It all depends on how quickly you want to get out of your pain.

Said with (tough) love.

And as always,

If not now, then WHEN?


Thinking of ending it all?

So I’ve finally gotten round to sharing part 2 of the story (You’ll know what I’m on about from the picture)


**If you’ve not read part one the CLICK HERE to read it because the story will not make sense otherwise**

I drove towards the lorry headlights,

I was doing about 60/65mph,

My phone was ringing.

It was Connie and I had ignored her first 3 calls.

I already told her I wasn’t coming back and that I loved her so I saw no reason to pick up the phone.

But for some reason I did.

The conversation went like this…

*Side note* the call was longer and with more emotion but I’ve edited it right down so you only get the most important bits (I know you’re busy and your time is valuable).

Me: Hello.

Connie: Hello.

Me: Silence.

Connie: Silence.

Me: Silence.

Connie: Silence.

Me: Hang on let me pull over.

Connie: K.

Me: Ok I’ve pulled over.

Connie: What’s the matter?

Me: In short, I’m a failure, I’ve failed you, I’ve failed my clients and there’s not really much point me being here anymore, you’ll all be better off without me.

Connie: That’s not true.

Me: Silence (thinking).

Connie: Why don’t you come home so we can talk about it.

Me: There’s no point.

Connie: Why do you think there’s no point in coming home to talk about it?

Me: Like I said, you’re better off without me.

Connie: That’s not true.

Me: Yes it is.

Connie: No it’s not. Come on come home, please.

Me: mmmm

Connie: Please.

Me: But I feel like such a failure.

Connie: Why?

Me: Because I see lots of other men doing a lot better than me. I see men who are happier than me and I see men who know who they are and what they want out of life. I see men who are all really successful and have a HUGE following and get lots of ‘likes’ from others for what they do and I have none of what they have.

Connie: But you’re not them, are you?

Me: No.

Connie: Exactly, you need to remember who YOU are and you need to stop comparing yourself to others and to stop trying to be like everyone else.

Me: Really?

Connie: Er yeah, comparison is the thief of all joy right?!

Me: I guess you’re right.

Connie: I’m always right. Listen, I love you, Jude loves you, and we love you for who you are. Come home and let’s talk.

Me: OK.

That conversation saved my life.

When I got home, after lots of cuddles, tears and hours talking on the sofa, Connie completely eliminated my depression and anxiety in one sentence…

Here’s that sentence:

‘’Stop comparing yourself to other people and stop trying to be like everyone else and instead,

Just. Be. You’’.

And that was it.

As soon as Connie said those last 3 words it felt like the whole universe had just been lifted off my shoulders and all the shackles in the world had just been unchained from my feet.

I’d never felt so free before!.


Being me, and actually being happy being me.

Was easier said than done.

‘Know thyself’ someone once said.

That phrase (or quote) sums up this (my) story perfectly.

Because before I could BE myself,

First I had to KNOW myself.

So I went on a mission,

A mission to find out who THE REAL MATT SMITH WAS OR IS.

And finally,

After spending hours trying to figure it out on my own,

Investing ££££ and time on coaches.


I know who I am at a core level.

I know what turns me on.

I know what excites me.

I know what environments I thrive in.

I know where my passion lies and I’m also sure of my purpose here on this planet.

The best bit?

Based on my introspection over the last 16 months,

I know I’m going to spend a good amount of my life just doing the following things:

1: The things I enjoy.

2: The things I’m good at.

3: The things that help other men who are where I was and who want to be where I am.

Here’s an even better bit…..

I’m building out my business so that I do all of the above (things I enjoy, things I’m good at and helping people) while still BEING ME and NOT trying to be something I’m not!!

And if anyone doesn’t like that then we’re just not a good fit for each other and I’m cool with that too.

Another point to mention here was my self-worth,

I’d let that hit rock bottom,

But not intentionally.

You see I’m actually quite a nice person deep down,

And that was my greatest strength and biggest weakness.


Because I would quite often (most of the time) help and coach others for free.

This constant helping others for free played a huge part in my belief – people don’t value what I do and therefore I am worthless.

‘So what’s the point’.

And if I wanted to be happy again,

To build my business again,

To be surrounded by awesome people again,

I had to up my level of self-worth,

To do that I had to reduce the amount of my time that I gave away for free.

Like I said, I still help people for free (I have various free Facebook groups that I share my wisdom in, I send out regular emails to 5 different email lists, I post on social media, I talk to people in private messages and I’ll often jump on a call (most of the time at the drop of a hat) with anyone who desperately needs my help.

However what I won’t do now, is coach people through their problems for free.

Coaching people for free not only does me a disservice but it also does the person I’m coaching a disservice because by helping for free I’m labelling them as worthless by not allowing them to invest in themselves. (Remember that the next time you try and get free advice off someone).

So with that said,

If you compare today to 16 months ago,

I’m a completely different person.

And I cannot wait for the rest of my life.

In fact, screw it,

Why wait?!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I’m going to live it like it’s my last!

Thank you for reading my story.

If you think it may help someone who’s going through a tough time right now please feel free to hit the share or tag them in the comments below.

Matt x

Ps if this has resonated with you then feel free to reach out and message me and we’ll have a chat about how I can help you out of your darkness and get you into the light (god that sounded really cheesy didn’t it!?

The complete guide to getting into great shape

Would You like to get into shape?

gym girl woman training


‘tone up’ or

‘lose weight’ or

‘feel sexier’

or if you’re a guy..

‘get ripped’.

Then you’re in the right place!

What I’m about to share with you I have literally charged thousands for in the past,

AND most of the Personal Trainers and Coaches out there won’t be giving their paying clients anywhere near what I’m about to share with you FOR FREE!

So grab a pen and paper (or open up your note taking app and get ready to copy and paste) because the knowledge bombs are about to be dropped!!

But before we get started I want to get one thing straight…

If you came to me and said ‘Matt I want to lose a stone’

And I chopped off your arm,

You’d be pretty upset,

Even though I would have helped you achieve your goal within 15 seconds!

What am I getting at?

You don’t want to lose weight….

You want to lose FAT.

**Side note** I’m not trying to patronise you I’m just making sure we’re both on the same page with the fat loss thing as chopping off limbs isn’t actually something I’m neither qualified or experienced in.

Maybe you’ve got a holiday coming up and you want to feel more confident walking around the pool or on the beach,

Or maybe you’ve got an event like a wedding or a birthday party and you want to feel not only comfortable in your outfit but you really want to turn heads and get complements for the hard work and effort you’ve been putting in to the gym lately.

Or maybe you want to be able to get dressed (or undressed) in front of your significant other without having to turn the lights off. Hey maybe you might want to even DO IT without having to turn the lights off!

Whatever your reason for wanting to strip away that unwanted and unflattering fat you can rest assured that I’ve got your back with this article.

So let’s get you toned, tight, sexy or ripped!

**Side note 2** Vanity is a good thing so don’t hide it or get offended by it, it means you care about yourself 🙂

First we’ll get into a little bit of HOW you lose fat and then I’ll reveal WHAT you need to do with your workouts and your diet to make it happen as fast and safe as possible, OK?


HOW to lose fat…

1. Get your body to use fat as energy.

2. Stop your body storing food/calories as fat.

3. Boost your metabolism AKA resting metabolic rate.

That’s the HOW.

Now for the WHAT!

To get your body using fat as energy you need to exercise/workout at a low to medium intensity, so something like powerwalking or a gentle jog or bike ride for at least 40 minutes (the first 20 minutes you’ll use a bit of stored carbohydrate as energy and a bit of fat, after 20 minutes the ratio of carbs:fat being used as energy is about 2:8)

To stop your body storing food/calories as fat you need to:

1. Eat less calories than you actually burn

2. Eat the right TYPE of calories (yes you’ll lose WEIGHT (water, muscle and a little bit of fat) by eating less calories than you burn but you’ll lose FAT (fat) by eating the right TYPE of calories).
 (click here to watch the video I did recently on WHY LOW CALORIE DIETS DON’T WORK)

And finally (before we get onto the actual program itself) to boost your metabolism AKA resting metabolic rate aka melt fat while sitting on it you need to perform HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training for the uninitiated) and Resistance training (lift weight).


If not don’t worry, it will all make sense when I go through the actual fat loss program below..

Now let’s talk diet! Or as I like to call it, your nutrition (I’m not a fan of the word diet, has all the wrong connotations attached to it for my liking)

First of all you need to get over to and create a free account (it takes about 3 minutes and is super super simple to set up, even I did it and I’m a technophobe!)

From there you need to make a list of all the foods you like and will eat and put them into MFP so that when you log your meals you don’t have to keep creating new ones each time.

Then all you need to do is make sure you follow the very simple guidelines that MFP tell you to follow when it comes to total CALORIES.

But WAIT remember we said it’s about they TYPE of calories you eat and not just the amount?

This is where you need to put a bit of effort in and learn (if you don’t know how to already) to read food labels.

OK so it’s not that hard but some people out there are SUPER lazy and even that will be a task in itself.

What are you looking for with the food labels?

The amount of ingredients the food has..

The less ingredients, the better quality the food,

Therefore if you want very quick fat loss results you need to eat better quality foods.

I’m sorry but a 150 calorie frozen ready made shepherds pie isn’t good quality (did you know there’s 72 different ingredients in Weight watchers very own ready made shepherds pie? 72!! CLICK HERE FOR THE PROOF! 

Yeah I’m not sure what the 72 ingredients are either all I know is a shepherds pie with 72 different ingredients in it isn’t going to help you lose fat!

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yeah, quality food,

The next time you’re walking around the supermarket just pick up the pack of whatever it is you want to buy, turn it round and read the ingredients list,

No ingredients? Then that’s the perfect food eg,

Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, water, beans, pulses, oats, butter, natural yoghurt, cottage cheese, quinoa, the list goes on and on.

So now you know what you need to do with nutrition lets take a look at your exercise, again I like to use the word TRAINING here – I’m a bit of a geek really.

Before I just jump straight into what exercises or training you should do and when I would like you to pause for a minute, take out your diary and write in where you are willing to commit to 6 days of exercise each week (you only need about a 45 minute slot on each day)

**Side note 3** If you’re already making excuses as to why you ‘haven’t got time to exercise 6 days a week’ then stop reading, go back to scrolling through Facebook or watching TV and accept you’ll always have the levels of fat you have now and maybe more in the near future.

Still here? then keep on reading because we’re about to get to your weekly training routine..

Ok so you’ve hopefully planned in 6 times where you are willing to workout,

You have done that, haven’t you?



Ok so now on day 1 write down the following: HIIT and resistance

On day 2: LISS

On day 3: Resistance

On day 4: LISS

On day 5: HIIT and Resistance

On day 6: LISS

LISS by the way stands for Low Intensity Steady State (the powerwalk or jogging we spoke about earlier – that’s just my geeky terminology creeping in again)

Done that?

I hope so because the secret to success in anything is having a plan that works written down for you to follow.

Fail to plan, and you better plan on failing.

Ok so now you have your nutrition dialled in, you have your training days in your diary and now all that’s left is to write down SPECIFICALLY what exercises you’re going to do on each of the training days listed above.

For LISS you can pick one of the following and write it in your diary:

Cycling, cross trainer, elliptical machine, treadmill, out door power walk (my favourite), stepper machine, swimming.

For the HIIT you can choose from: Hill sprints (my favourite for this), spinning, rowing machine.

And for the resistance you need to pick 3 upper body exercises and 3 lower body exercises from the lists below to perform on both of the resistance days.

Lower body exercises:
Barbell back squat
Barbell Front squat
Reverse lunges
Forwards Lunges
Walking lunges
Romanian Deadlifts
Sumo deadlifts
Glute bridges
Goblet squat
Kettle bell swing

Upper body exercises:
Barbell Bench press (flat, incline, decline)
Dumbbell bench press (flat, incline, decline)
Inverted row
Lat pull down
TRX row
Pull ups
Chin ups
Bent over barbell row
Good mornings
Single arm bent over dumbbell row
Seated low pulley v-bar row
Overhead barbell press (Standing)
Overhead dumbbell press (standing)
Seated Arnold press
Lateral raises

And there you have it. Pick 3 from the top and 3 from the bottom for resistance day 1 and then pick 3 from the top and 3 from the bottom for resistance day 2 and again for resistance day 3.

For the best results and so your muscles have time to recover try not to pick the same exercise for each session.

So to sum up for how to strip a lot of fat safely and effectively via the perfect program:

1. Eat the right type of calories so that you are using your stored fat as energy.

2. Perform a combination of HIIT, resistance and LISS training each week.

3. Eliminate all excuses as to why you can’t do it – I’m a dad of 2, multiple business owner and I still follow this exact plan when I’m stripping fat; which is usually for about 12 weeks at a time.

Remember if you have any questions just leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this around the world of social media if you think others will benefit, after all, sharing’s caring.

If not now, then WHEN?


The £100,000 holiday

9 out of 10 people won’t do this.

Beach bum camera

A couple of clients of mine run their own travel agency business,

(If you ever want a holiday let me know and I’ll out you in touch – they can undercut MOST other travel agencies/operators),

And they told me how someone spent £100,000 on a holiday once,

£100,000!!! On a holiday, pretty insane right?

And it got me thinking about how much time, effort and energy must have gone into planning that holiday.

They must have spent hours, days, weeks and maybe even MONTHS planning that one holiday,

And all that for something that would have been over and done with in a couple of weeks.

Question: Do you spend much time, energy and effort planning your holiday?

Me? I spend about 2 hours AT MOST planning mine,

I decide where I want to go and what I want the holiday to include (usually a beach, a pool and some nice restaurants) and then I just hand it over to someone to find me the holiday I want.

2 hours MAX, that’s it.

Where am I going with this?


^^ that’s a link to a VERY powerful video,

One that could change your life forever,

Unless your like the 9 out of 10 people that won’t watch it OR do anything with the information contained within it (It’s 10 minutes and 32 seconds long by the way).

But it’s a video that I recommend you watch IF you just know there’s more to life than the one you’re currently living BUT you’re unsure what to do next.

(The presenter makes it VERY simple for you to change your life and breakthrough to the next level (subliminal message))

How does that link in with the story about the £100,000 holiday?

Because having studied a lot of human beings (myself included) I’ve come to realise one astonishing fact,

We spend more time planning our holidays than we do planning our lives.

Just read that again.

And for those that didn’t go back and read it again..

We spend more time planning our holidays than we do planning our lives.

I’m not sure why that is,

But what I am sure of is this;

If we’re not 100% happy with every area of our lives,

Our careers,

Our relationships,

Our physical bodies,

If we haven’t got the connection we desire to have with others,

If we haven’t got the love we desire to have with others,

If we haven’t got the money, success, freedom or fulfillment we desire to have in our lives,

Then maybe it’s time to stop running away on holiday and hiding from the life we currently have and the things we’re not currently happy with and instead maybe it’s time to start designing and creating the life we DO want.

Be the 1 out of every 10 and watch the video.

If not now, then WHEN?